Your dedicated team of expert web developers

Let our team of global experts in web design build and manage your very own website, so you can continue focusing on what matters the most in your business.

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Boost your online presence

With Sitepress’ extensive technical SEO and analytics tools, stand out from the rest and get your products easily sold to the right customers.

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Your very own sales generating machine

We deliver awesome and professional e-commerce sites through our team of industry-seasoned experts abreast with the latest in technology.

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Excellent customer journey

Sloppy websites are annoying and drives all the customers away. Sitepress’ team offers many creative solutions to build and maintain a fully-functional and good-looking platform.

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How We Work

Our dedicated team will work with you hand in hand in every step of the way. Website publishing is not rocket science. Let Sitepress’ team of professionals show you how easy it is to build that incredible website from scratch.

Client Intake and Research

  • Fill out our intake form
  • Our team will do an initial Market research to understand the business and the target audience.
  • You will have a dedicated accounts manager that will discuss the Project scope and timeline for all the deliverables

Design and Development

  • Our team will create and designs the website that is best for your business
  • We will then develop the website and implement the best practices
  • Implementation of website content
  • Installation of plugins

QA and Feedback

  • Your dedicated Project Manager will do the initial quality check
  • Approved projects will be presented to you and incorporate all feedback
  • Iterate based on your feedback

Deployment and Support

  • Website migration to live server
  • Turnover and presentation of Website
  • Monthly Support and Upgrades


We will do the rest

Exceptional websites built on time, within budget.