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The Nova Max Plus Meter is one of two meters on the market that has the ability to test both blood glucose and blood ketone levels. Blood glucose meters are an essential tool when managing your diabetes. Blood glucose levels, when taken at various times of the day, provide crucial information for the person with diabetes and his or her healthcare team.

Nova Max Plus Glucose Meter Features:
Affordable and easy to use
Small meter size
Provides rubber grips on each side so you can hold it securely in your hands while testing
Large display screen-easy to read
Tests both blood for glucose and ketone levels
Uses a tiny amount of blood when testing glucose- 0.3 microliters for each testing sample
Fast 5 second results for glucose levels
Uses a small amount of blood – 0.8 microliters for testing blood ketones
Quick 10 second results for ketones
Reliable and accurate reading since no other sugars can interfere with glucose readings
Alternative site testing for glucose only, when indicated
Stores 400 test results in memory
Long battery life, up to 1000 hours
No coding for both glucose or ketone testing
Fine lancets for less discomfort when testing
Pull-top instead of twist-off cap to lancet for ease and safety
Display reads “HI” when blood glucose exceeds 600mg/dl-retest and contact your physician if results remain “HI”
Display reads “LO” when blood glucose is lower than 20mg/dl-retest and contact your physician if results remain “LO”
By testing your glucose levels at various times of the day you will provide yourself and your health care team with enough information to determine the impact that your medications, food, activity, stress level, sleep etc. have on your body. From these readings, adjustments in your current treatment are more viable.

When your glucose levels are high (approximately 300 mg/dL and above), your body is unable to receive energy from glucose since all that energy remains in the bloodstream and is unable to feed the body’s cells like the brain, muscles, liver, kidneys, etc. The body must be fed in order to stay alive, so it starts using fat for energy in the form of ketones. The dangerous complication from ketone production and high blood glucose levels is known as Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) which can lead to illness or death.

This Monitoring Kit Includes:
Nova Max Plus Blood Glucose Meter
Nova Sureflex Lancing Device with Alternate Site Testing Cap
10 Nova Sureflex Lancets
10 Nova Max Glucose Test Strips
Vial of Nova Normal Control Solution
Warranty Card
Getting Started Poster
Quick Reference Guide
Owner’s Guide
Day Case
Uses Nova Max Test Strips for glucose and ketones for Self-Monitoring and Management of Blood Glucose

3-year limited warranty

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